Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario

Finding a reputable breeder

Purebred dogs are sold through various channels but the only source we recommend is from a knowledgeable breeder who specializes in your breed of choice. Visit a number of breeders and compare the dogs, the facilities and the breeders. Make your final purchase from someone you are comfortable with and who you feel you can trust beyond the day of purchase to be as concerned about your puppy's future as you are.

To locate breeders in your area, we suggest you obtain a copy of the current Dogs in Canada Annual. It contains a major listing of breeders from across Canada and is available from the CKC Order Desk at 1-800-250-8040, bookstores, or most libraries. The Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario does not recommend individual breeders.

To assist you in selecting your breeder we strongly recommend that you follow the "Golden Rules" for purchasing a purebred dog. No responsible breeder should have difficulty complying with the following so use them as your yardstick in finding the right breeder with the right dog.

The Golden Rules: Finding a Reputable Breeder

  1. Always visit the kennel.
  2. Make certain the dam (mother) is on the premises and available for you to see.
  3. Ask to see health certificates and records of visits to the veterinarian.
  4. Insist upon being provided with a signed bill of sale stating the puppy is being sold as a purebred.
  5. Insist upon being provided with a written guarantee.
  6. Confirm that the dog has been permanently and uniquely identified.
  7. Confirm CKC registration of the parents, the litter and the puppy you are about to purchase.
  8. Ask if the breeder is a member of the CKC.

For more detailed information about the The Golden Rules of finding a reputable breeder, please click here for the CKC's publication.